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We Moved!

It 's official! On August 28 we moved to our new office at 9195 W. 44th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, after 15 years in Arvada and 11 years prior in Lakewood. We are on the corner of 44th and Garrison Street. Our phone number and P.O. Box haven’t changed. Please stop by and visit if you are in the neighborhood.


Six Costly Gaps in Your Home Insurance Policy

This article starts off talking about earthquake coverage – something those of us in Colorado normally don’t have to worry about. But what about a failure of your sump pump or a frozen pipe bursting? Did you know that may not be covered by your policy? Read this article and then call us to make sure you’re properly protected.

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Hospital Profits Raise Eyebrows as Medical Costs Continue to Soar

Forbes magazine this week released its first-ever survey of America's most profitable hospitals, revealing that 24 hospitals with more than 200 beds make 25 cents or more for every dollar of patient revenue they take in. The report is being widely disseminated by the health insurance industry, which is pushing back against claims that health insurance profits — rather than rising medical costs — are to blame for rising premiums…

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Mandated Maternity Coverage on Individual Health Policies in Colorado

Effective January 1, 2011, all individual health policies must include coverage for normal maternity, whether you want it or not. This mandate was legislated during the most recent session in Colorado. In addition, rates for health insurance will no longer vary based on gender.  These changes will affect all existing policies in Colorado upon renewal, not just new policies. For those of you that see significant rate increases, please contact us as soon as possible and we will shop the market  to make sure you have the best value on your insurance.


Classic Car Shows

Classic car shows are fun and have been going on all summer around the Denver metro area.  You may have seen our booth at the Automezzi in Lakewood, the British Conclave in Arvada, and the Red Lion Car Show in Wheat Ridge.  If you have a classic or older car and would like to review your insurance, please let us know.


The Medicare COBRA Trap

When an employee age 65 or older retires, he/she is faced with a number of choices. One of them is
whether to elect COBRA for his/her health care coverage for the next 18 months, or elect Medicare
Part B and choose a supplement,  or go into Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage). For those who choose COBRA and do NOT elect Medicare Part B, pay close attention to the below article…

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What Does Health Reform Mean for You – a Consumer's Guide

With all the propaganda we’ve read over the last year or so about health reform – both pro and con – it’s difficult to know what it really means to us as consumers. The National Center for Policy Analysis has put together an unbiased, comprehensive guide to help understand how we are affected by all these changes.

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Wrap Up

On a final note, we once again want to thank you for your continued business, especially in these challenging economic times. It is our distinct honor and pleasure to service your insurance needs. We also appreciate your many referrals.


Paul LoNigro

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