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Other GIA Services - Pre-Paid Legal

Many businesses provide their employees with a benefit package that includes a pre-paid medical plan (like an HMO) and a pre-paid dental plan (such as a DMO).

For valuable legal advice assistance,
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Legal Resource Center

Now businesses can add a package of legal services for their employees for as little as $14.95 per month per employee or family. This translates to less than 10ยข an hour per employee!

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is one of America's oldest and largest providers of legal benefit plans. They offer a package of legal services that includes:

  • Unlimited phone consultation with your provider attorney
  • Letters & phone calls made on your behalf
  • Contract/document review
  • Will preparation
  • Moving/traffic violation representation
  • Tragic accident representation
  • IRS audit legal services
  • Suspended driver's license reinstatement assistance
  • 25% discount on legal services not available through membership

Contact us to find out why more and more businesses are adding pre-paid legal services to their corporate benefits package.


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